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Wine vinified in amphora.

For some years a small part of our wines has been produced following an ancient winemaking process,obtained with the use of clay Amphorae: Tinajas (hence the name Tina). In the amphorae the grapes, once the fermentation is finished, are left to macerate for about 6 months, always in contact with the skins and, thanks to the porosity of the amphora, the transformation of the wine takes place in purity and balance, without forcing, in a natural way. Each year the type of grape variety that will carry out its fermentation and maturation in amphora is chosen based on the degree of ripeness and quality of the grapes. In 2015 a Barbera was vinified in amphora, in 2016 Timorasso grapes and in 2017 Baratuciat grapes, an ancient grape variety at risk of extinction. Amphora winemaking represents the ultimate expression of natural winemaking.